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12 June 2009 @ 05:59 pm

Well the weather has been decent finally and just in time for one of those art festivals that happen here in Toronto.  Luminato is one of the big ones.  It has events from plays to music to public art pieces.  So once I again I ventured out with camera in hand to see what was about.  Unfortunately I work afternoons so I couldn't see some of the free events but there was still plenty for me to check out.  There are a few interesting venues happening all over the place.  There's the Red Ball Project that moves from one location to another on an almost daily basis.  In some of the buildings and concourses there is something called Communication and Luminato Box.  In the heart of the downtown core at Dundas and Yonge there is Shadow notes that is interspersed with music and dancers at night with the band stage.   So here's my pictures and views of what can be found if you actually pay attention to what the city around you is doing and are willing to walk a little to experience art.

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05 June 2009 @ 08:22 pm
Well, looks like I have been dragging my ass around here and not posting a damn thing.  What can I say, I got lazy.  So what's happened since my last post?  A lot, a really lot of garbage good and bad.  So let's just list them off and then detail them.  First, my job situation changed big time.  I was part of a planning committee for a reunion.  A squabble here and there that I won't really detail.  Finally I have decided to quit smoking again.  So let's take this from the top.

The job, everyone needs one.  Of course a job stands for Just Over Broke.  Back around the beginning of April I showed up to work and found out that I didn't work at that location anymore.  Some small details.  I work for a contract security company in my city of residence.  One of those rent-a-cops you see manning desks, wandering around malls and stuff.  Talk about a real blow to ones emotions.  Took me a week to get a new location all lined up.  Part of the good part was that it got me off the night shift finally, and into a location that was a lot closer to my home address.   Bad part, I had to take a pay cut to work there.  Good part I could walk to work, which also meant that I am now getting a lot more exercise.  The new location is good, quiet, nice people when I see them, and I am all alone.  After dealing with the guards at my previous site this is a good thing.  I am no longer losing my temper as much and finally I am starting to rebuild my supply of patience.  There may be another change coming around in a week or so,   needless to say I am crossing my fingers.

The reunion, now this has been in planning since about January.  I got drafted back in the beginning of March since I was a hanger on anyway.  Some old friends from former militia unit (Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reserve) the Gray and Simcoe Foresters met up last summer at a funeral for a mutual friend of ours.  E-mails were exchanged, connections were made on Facebook and conversations started happening.  One question that popped up was, "Why don't we all get together for an actual reunion?"  Well Clayton Donohuge was the key person that everyone was asking this.  So he roped in a bunch of former members in the town he lives in and started an exploration phase.  This was where I got roped in.  I was mostly just a sounding board at one of the meetings, helping with suggestions and putting faces to names of people we served with.  Well by the second meeting I was drafted as the web site guy for information.  This was needed apparently because of the hundred or so contacts that Clayton had only a third or less were on Facebook.  Considering my skills I did a fairly decent job.  it won't win any awards, but it does the purpose of geting the information out to the people that need it.  Any way since my hours and schedule changed for my job, I was unable to attend any further committee meetings.  I am still kept up to date for the web page, but that's it.  Oh yeah, the reunion is currently scheduled for the Fourth of July.  Best time for everybody to make it.

Finally I have decided to abandon the evil weed and try to live a healthier life.  Okay, maybe that's not the whole reason.  It boils down to financial actually.  I had to give something up with my new pay scale.  I figured that quitting smoking gave me the most bang for my buck.  Today is my second day, so far so good.  I am using the dreaded patch to try to break the habit.  I had a whole bunch just sitting in my medicine cabinet from previous attempts to quit.  I just have to recognize that it's going to be a little difficult.  Wit h a lot of stressors currently removed from my life it shouldn't be as hard as it was the past times I have tried.  The interesting part, I should have a lot of interesting things to post about.  Ever hear of the dreams you get from the withdrawl process?

So that's it for now.  I hope to post more stuff as time goes by.  Or at the least try to post more often then I have been.  I need to start taking more pictures as well I think.  The weather is fairly nice, I am walking more so I should be seeing stuff.  Now I am out of here for the nonce.
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Good day one and all, this has been a wild week in Canada politically. It all started in the House of Commons up in Ottawa last week. The Conservative government presented a financial statement to the house for their review and hopefully a subsequent vote. This was to hold us until the actual yearly budget was written and presented on the 27th of January. There were a few things in there that the Liberals and NDP didn't like. For instance reducing the amount of public funds they would receive for campaigning and elections. This was a reduction for all parties by the way, not for the opposition. Well Stephane Dion and Jack Layton sat down and decided to create a Coalition to wrest power from the Conservative party. They then told the government that they would vote en mass against the statement and call it a vote of no confidence and form a new government.




05 November 2008 @ 01:43 am
Well as I write this the American election is almost over and President elect Obama has given his victory speech.  Senator McCain has given his concession speech and it's over.  I just have to say , congratulations Mr. President, may your four years in office be uneventful and fruitful for the free world.

No what I have to say is that the people that supported him are barking nuts.  We have seen attacks against Senator McCain and Governer Palin that are just over the top.  I had to make this entry after what some one pointed out to me.  On Wikipedia some moron defaced the pages of Senator McCain and Governer Palin with some of the most hideous text I have seen.  Race baiters I call them.

The first screen capture is from Governor Palins page and the second one is from Senator McCains page.  I have to stop here and all I have to say is, stay classy democrats, stay classy.
(click on images for larger views.  and as I post this the McCain travesty still exists, but the Palin one has been fixed.)

Update:  I am sorry but I made a small error in the links.  The link to Senator McCains page is for the last revision.  the correct link to the current page is here.   And to keep things consistent, here's the revision done by a user named Songsneeds on Governor Palins page.  I hope his account was blocked.
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06 October 2008 @ 05:55 pm

Well today is October the 5th, and before I went to work on the night shift I thought I would take some time and go see a cultural festival that was going on. "Nuit Blanche" is an art festival that’s been going on in the city for the past three years. So I grabbed my trusty camera, headed to work to drop off my uniforms, and prepared to be shocked and amazed at what was out there. Boy was I right in that summation. Shocked and amazed at what some people call art. Mind you there were a few good pieces, but some of it was pure dreck and trash. I am not kidding about the trash part at all. It seemed to be a common theme in several pieces I saw.

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19 September 2008 @ 07:41 pm
Been a little while since I have posted here, but that's no problem.  For me at least.  I have been busy running around with my pet project and getting carried away with my camera.  You can view the many results on my flickr account.  But this posting isn't really about that.  Any of you reading this drek that I am posting from time to time also know me as a fellow lizard from Little Green Footballs.  No need to post my handle from there.  If you know me you know me.  Anyway where was I besides rambling again?  Oh yeah.  I admire many of our fellow photographers and documenters of protests and stuff.  Zombie being the big one.  So I am doing my travels and sight seeing when I stumble across a mini protest.  That's right mini protest.

These poor ladies were hanging out on Bloor street with there signs and handing out phamplets to any passerby that would take them.  What were there signs about?  Ending Israeli aparthied.  Of course I had my camera with me so I stopped to take a picture.  Well I finish taking the shot when a lady comes up to me and asked me why I took the picture.  More like wondering if I wanted to do anything nefarious with it.  I told her it was for personal use grabbed some of the propaganda they were handing out, took one more shot than bolted(I was a little tired and wanted to get home). 

Well I had time on the subway to read some of the stuff they were handing out.  One was two sheets of paper talking about a mascarre that aparently happened about twenty years ago in Lebanon caused by those Evil Jews(sarcasm not my belief).  Also how this supposed historic moment was missed by all important in the news media *yawn*.   The other thing that was handed out was a post card with past maps showing former jewish and palestinian areas that were held and lived in.  Apparently it was trying to show how the Israelis were taking over the whole area. 

Well I have seen all this stuff before so I wasn't too surprised about the allegations.  I was how ever a little surprised to find out the group doing the protest and the production of the pamphlets.  Get this it's called NION-- Not In Our Name, Jewish voices opposing Zionism.  I gave my head a shake and said to myself, "What?"    It gets even better.  The two pager was "Brought to you by women in solidarty with Palestine (formerly the Jewish Womens Committee to End the Occupation)".  I had to shake my head again.  From what I have seen and read in the news.  Also remembering a little bit of history that happened while I was growing up, I can't believe that these people were that crazy.  Unfortunately there is at least a couple in every crowd.

And now all two pictures I took.

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10 August 2008 @ 02:30 am

Well, I haven't been posting too much here on my live journal account. It doesn't mean that I haven't been busy. Between my J-O-B, my work at starting a new career, and a whole slew of other things I haven't had time to write anything down. Scratch that, I have been focusing on all of the above and letting this slide. Now those of you who have been reading and checking out my pictures, thank you for your comments. I know some of you might not have read this but, I am saying it here in the hopes that eventually you will stumble across it. So what have I been doing? Well I have continued to take pictures of public sculpture, and I will still continue to do that. There are a lot of things like that out there. I have started to expand my portfolio of late though, all because I started to look up. What's that mean for the future? Well read on good friends, read on.

I started to run out of public sculptures to document in the downtown area of Toronto, Canada. At least I had exhausted my known locations. This means that I will have to be doing a little bit more exploration of the downtown core. I did this last night on my way to work and found about three more locations to shoot. I will just have to do some more walking around. At least this will give me some much needed exercise. I did stray abit from the downtown theme, but the piece I photographed was well worth the effort. It's located up in North York by the Centre for the Arts off Yonge street just south of North York Civic Centre. Here is one photo.


That is not all I have been taking, not by a long shot. You see I started looking up more often. Not to say I never did it, I have always been fascinated by the sky. Part of my heritage with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. Clouds and sky in a way fascinated me. Always changing, forever chaotic, but peaceful and relaxing to me all the time. Well my camera all ways travels with me. So I started snapping shots. Working in downtown Toronto, the interaction of the skyline with the aerial enviroment started to react with the way I took some of my pictures. For example everyone says that this is one of my best ones to date.

Building and Sky 

So what does this all mean?  Well first off I have to get a better camera.  The one I have right now is a DGX 409.  A compact inexpensive camera, but rather limited in what it can do.  Not to mention that it sucks batteries like a vampire that has been through a century long famine.  Some of the limitations are that it's auto focus feature is very sensitive.  I can't just hand it off to a friend for group picures, or take a snap shot on the fly, with out some hand shake blurring the picture.  Why do I need a better camera?  Well some friends and acquaintences have suggested that I put them in a gallery.  I honestly didn't think I was that good.  No formal or informal training whatsoever.  I just started using a camera.  They are insisting though, and what have I got to lose?  In the short run my ego and self esteem.  In the long run, nothing at all.  Self esteem can be rebuilt, and ego will get bruised, but it too heals.  So stay tuned and see what else I can come up with.  Enjoy the adventure I am about to show, and probably relate.
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08 July 2008 @ 03:17 am

Well, I have been working off and on doing my pictures of outdoor sculpture.  It's going to be a work in progress I feel.   On the way home from work I discovered four more pieces in the neighbourhood that I missed the first go round.  The nice part is that I am doing some exploring of areas I have never gone before.  I have also came up with some other ideas of things to do.  It's going to take awhile but in the end I think it's going to be worth it.

So as it stands I have to come up with an even better plan of attack.  I will be limiting myself, for now, with downtown Toronto.  The boundaries are west side Bathurst street, north to Bloor, and east to Parliment.  There is no real south boundary because of the lake.  I know that's a very large area to do, but I think this is going to be a long term project.  Hey, all hobbies should consist of long periods of time.  My next two areas I am going to tackle will be the University of Toronto Campus, and Queens Park.  There should be enough works of art in there to kill a weekend walkabout.  This time of year the U of T campus should be more peaceful as well.

Another thing  I am going to do as well is include cenotaphs and memorials.  Why limit the definition?  These things are pieces of art as well and do follow under the definition of outdoor sculptures.  There are quite a few in the downtown core and scattered all through the city as well.  Some are typical of the standard used during the post WW1 era and just updated for WW2, and Korean War.  But there are sometimes exceptions to the standard and some modern styles as well.  

So that's what I plan on doing.  My cheap camera may not be upto the task and I should get a more appropiate one.  But my finances don't have that in the future for the moment.  I will definitely put a budget together to do that.  I hope all my readers(if you are out there) keep stopping by from time to time to check on my progress here.  Or just check my archive on the net.  Updated daily to weekly depending on what I find and how much time I have.    See you all on the intertubes.

and here's some more pictures that I have taken recently.


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28 June 2008 @ 06:55 pm
I just realized today that I haven't posted an entry on my LiveJournal account for quite awhile.  Well what do you expect things have been pretty busy in my life and I have had no time to say anything.  No problem.  For those that know me you have an idea what has been going on. 

Well today I got up and found that my girlfriend had the day off and was out enjoying the beautiful weather with her friends.  No problem, I found a few errands to occupy my time productively and went and did them.  Now unfortunately for me those errands took no time at all to complete.  So there I am downtown Toronto with nothing to do and tons of time on my hands to burn before work.  So I decided to go for a walk from the entertainment district to up Yonge street just for the hell of it.  I used to do this on a fairly regular basis so I wanted to see what had changed since the last time I had done this.

Well it didn't work out quite that way.  Along the way I got hit with an idea I had several years ago, right after I bought my digital camera.  Why not take pictures of various sculptures in front of buildings and outside in public spaces?  I have seen them around quite a few times and thought about this venture a few times.  So lucky for me I always travel with my camera, and away I went. 

It took me awhile to get a few pieces of art work photographed but it was worth the effort.  I ended up walking from King and York all the way up to Yonge and Bloor taking a meandering route.  Over all about an hour and a half walk with a few stops.  There were a few good ones and one that had me scratching my head.  But I guess that's what some art is supposed to do.  I have posted the entire set on Flickr and plan on adding to it as I go.  There are several other pieces I have seen but didn't get a chance to get to.  But here's a couple to look at if you don't want to take the link.  Enjoy, and I will be back soon.  Well sooner than last time.

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12 May 2008 @ 01:58 am
 Well I haven't posted anything for awhile so I will just leave a quick note now.  Things in my life have been moving at a whirlwind speed lately.  I still have a lot of ideas churning around in my head, but just no time to put them down.  A few things I am thinking on posting, butterflies, energy, Science Fiction and Zeitgeist, and so much more.  I just have to get a little bit more organized, and find time to write.  

On the positive side being busy means things are going very well.  Life couldn't be much better.  So please check back to those that do read this.  and have a good week.